Why We Love Karastan!
Karastan History, Info Behind the Huge Semi-Annual Sale, and a Few Reasons Why Messner Flooring LOVES Karastan Carpets!

NOTE: National Karastan Month starts Thursday, September 26, 2019!

Many are familiar with the Karastan® name, which has been synonymous with quality, beauty and durability for over 90 years. But for those of you who haven’t heard of this fabulous American brand, let us give you the brief history and a few reasons why we are proud to sell Karastan carpeting. 

As Rochester’s only Karastan Gallery Dealer, Messner Flooring is proud to provide you with the largest array of unique carpeting in Rochester, NY.

Karastan’s “Wonder”ful History
Karastan carpeting stole the show from other carpet and rug brands on the market in the mid 1920s with its advanced manufacturing process and wide range of colors and designs. Creating the first machine-made Oriental rugs, Karastan revolutionized carpet-making using their own version of an Axminster loom combined with artistic vision and impeccable craftsmanship. The gorgeous result resembled that of a hand-woven rug and became increasingly popular with customers. That was nearly 90 years ago!

A Cool Story From the 1933/34 World Fair

During the 1933/34 Chicago World Fair, In a clever marketing move, Karastan decided to demonstrate just how well-made, durable, and easy-to-clean their carpets were. The company invited the 13 million or so attendees to walk all over a beautiful 33-color Tree of Life patterned rug to test for wear. Afterwards, only half of the “Wonder Rug” was cleaned and restored to perfection, proving to America that Karastan carpeting was indeed something special.

Still Going Strong

Years later, Karastan once again revolutionized the carpet-making process with another new method of weaving. Their products started expanding and suddenly there were more to choose from than ever before. Affordable high-quality options, luxury carpeting, and eventually stain-resistant options made from a variety of materials emerged, and the Karastan name continued to be commonly used in households across America! 

On display at Macy’s in Chicago, the Karastan “Wonder Rug” was last seen in Chicago during the 1933-34 Chicago World’s Fair, when nearly 13 million fair visitors walked on the rug. Half of it was cleaned afterwards, restoring half of it to perfection.
Photo Source: rugnews.com

Why Messner Flooring Loves Karastan!

  • Flawless Craftsmanship
  • Easy to Clean
  • Timeless pieces and designs
  • Strong and Durable
  • Pet-Friendly Options
  • Healthy, Safe & Eco-Friendly
  • Karastan Month Sales Events!

Today, Karastan is just as strong of a force in the carpeting industry. Offering more concepts and options than ever before with innovative and unique designs, patterns, textures, colors, styles, cuts and finishes to bring out the best in your home!

Flawless Craftsmanship

Karastan carpeting and rugs are impeccably made. There is no comparison when deciding on the most versatile, high-quality (and affordable) luxury brand on the market. Karastan’s manufacturing process, dedication to quality, and exceptional attention to detail all come together to produce, in our opinion, the best carpet brand there is!

Highest Quality Materials

Karastan carpets are made from the highest quality raw materials available, offering carpets in a variety of different fiber types. Karastan is the largest processor of wool carpet in America, and use the finest New Zealand wool that is well-known for it’s qualities including its resistance to dust and allergens, color absorption and retention properties, and more. They also offer synthetic options, as well as wool/synthetic blends, and organic fibers. 

Easy to Clean

With proper care, like vacuuming regularly, and cleaning up spills quickly, keeping your Karastan carpeting clean is easy. Karastan wool carpets are made from high quality New Zealand wool that is naturally resilient to dirt and stains. Their synthetic blends are specially engineered to repel stains and keep your carpets looking beautiful longer. Even in high traffic areas and with pets and kids, Karastan carpeting is very resilient!

Endless Design Options 

Crafted from the hands of artisans, Karastan carpets has never focused on one single pattern or trend.  Using blends of colors, and creative, subtle patterns and textures that add dimension and beauty, the possibilities for your home are endless. Karastan carpeting truly offers options to fit perfectly within your home and life.

Strong & Durable with Pet-Friendly Options

Karastan carpets are made to last. Their special design and unique manufacturing process makes them exceptionally long-lasting and resistant to wear. The wool is naturally strong and resistant to wear, and the synthetic fibers and blends are specially engineered to withstand everything from pets, kids, and general high-traffic areas.

Healthy, Safe and Eco-Friendly

In the manufacturing of Karastan carpeting, the company uses wool that is non-allergenic, and has no harmful emissions or odors. Synthetic fibers and blends are also engineered to prevent the growth of dust mites, so those who have allergies can feel confident that the carpet is not harboring allergens, especially with regular cleaning. Karastan is a brand that truly values every aspect of your use of their carpeting. 


“Karastan Month” Sales Events

Twice a year we celebrate National Karastan Month Sales Events with huge savings with promotional pricing on a variety of Karastan luxury wool carpets and blends. We are proud to be Rochester’s Karastan Gallery Dealer, offering these incredible savings to you only during National Karastan Month! We love Karastan for offering this to us as a retailer, and you as a consumer. Twice a year our customers end up with gorgeous luxury carpeting for incredible prices.

Messner loves Karastan!

We stand with Karastan and believe there is still a place for fine craftsmanship in the modern world. Karastan carpets and rugs bring that sophistication and beauty into your home, and we’re proud to be able to assist with that. 

National Karastan Month Starts September 26!
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