In June, 2019, two of our team members were recognized by the Rochester community for their efforts to give back on behalf of Messner Flooring! We couldn’t be more proud.

Messner Flooring is dedicated to giving back to the community and neighborhoods we live in. It’s quite remarkable that so many of our team members share this mission – both as a part of the Messner Flooring team, as well as their own core values in life. Our team is made up of good people, who do good work as a part of our team and community.

Congratulations to Messner Flooring’s Residential Flooring Service Coordinator, Theresa Malboeuf, for winning the United Way of Greater Rochester‘s Shining Stars award at this year’s Workplace Campaign Celebration! This award recognizes consistent high performing coordinators who inspire the community with enthusiasm for their roles, a drive to achieve great things, and a desire to give back. We’re so proud of Theresa for all she does for Messner Flooring and our community!

In addition, in early June, 2019, Messner Commercial Flooring Representative, Ted Messner, was recognized for Messner Flooring’s role in helping to renovate Rochester’s Montgomery Neighborhood Center. We are proud to help non-profit organizations and we’re proud of our efforts in the community. Congratulations Ted and Theresa!


Theresa Malboeuf wins The United Way of Rochester’s Shining Stars Award!
This award recognizes consistent high performing people who inspire the community and their workplaces with enthusiasm for their roles, a drive to achieve great things and to give back.

Commercial Flooring’s Ted Messner is Recognized for Role in Neighborhood Center Rennovation

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