What are the best flooring options for people with pets?

Messner Flooring breaks down each type of hard flooring and carpet to provide pointers on what to consider when shopping for pet-friendly flooring!

Pets make our lives complete, and often times they’re our most-spoiled family members! But pets can also make our lives complicated with the wear and tear they inflict on our homes. Dogs and cats spend the majority of their time on the floor, and ultimately will cause scratches, stains, and dirt that accumulate over time.

    When considering flooring for pet owners, you have to remember: 

    • Pet nails can scratch or damage floors
    • Pet accidents can stain and leave odors
    • Stains and messes are more likely with pets
    • Pets are likely to track dirt indoors
    • Pets tend to cause spills from water or food dishes

    Protecting your floors and your pet 

    Based on what we know about our pets, the things to consider when shopping for pet-safe flooring are how resistant the floor is to scratches and damage, and how much traction and comfort it will provide for your four-legged friends. By considering both how it will effect you, as well as your pet, you are sure to come up with the best flooring solution for your family’s needs.

    Hardwood Floors for Pets?

    The best hardwood flooring option for pet owners is a harder wood like oak or hickory. Choosing woods with a distressed appearance is a smart choice as well, as it will hide scratches and scuffs. Hardwood floors with a tough Urethane finish will help to protect the surface from pet scratches and wear. However, hardwood floors do tend to be cold in the winter, and prone to scuffs and scratches regardless of what coating is on top. They also tend to be slick, causing a safety concern for some pets, especially older dogs.

    Laminate Flooring for Pets?

    Laminate flooring is a great choice for pet owners because of how close it can look to actual hardwood floors, while having the durability and affordability of engineered wood. Laminate flooring is constructed of multiple layers which absorb heavy traffic, and provide extra comfort underfoot. Laminate’s top layer helps protect the floor from pet stains, fading, and other wear.Laminate is easy to clean and comes in water resistant and water proof optionsbut it is slippery when wet, so pets sometimes have trouble with traction and grip.

    Vinyl Flooring for Pets?

    Vinyl is a great choice for active pet families, especially if you expect a lot of wear and stains. Vinyl is completely waterproof, easy-to-clean, and an extremely durable and affordable choice. Vinyl flooring has a strong protective top coat keeping your floors resistant to scratches and scuffs. It’s waterproof and rugged durability make it easy to maintain and a great choice for families with pets. 

    Carpeting for Pets?

    Carpet may not come to mind at first, but it can actually be a great choice for pet homes, especially with the advances in manufacturing technology making pet-friendly carpets easier to clean than ever. We carry a variety of durable pet-safe carpeting options that come in endless colors, patterns and styles. The best carpets for pets use durable, stain-resistant carpet fibers and are treated with stain and soil protection, making them easy-to-clean and maintain.

    Tile Flooring for Pets?

    Tile is another good choice for pet-owners due to its durability, moisture resistance, and ease of maintenance. It is very easy to clean and is scratch resistant. However, remember that comfort should be a consideration when it comes to floors, and tile is cold in winter, very hard and slippery for pets and people!

    Final Thoughts

    When choosing flooring that will work for your home, your pets and your family, there’s a few factors to consider. We believe the most important ones are how easy it will be to maintain, clean up messes, and be resistant to stains and scratches. In addition, comfort is also important when considering cold winters, slippery messes, and traction. 

    No matter which type of flooring you choose, there are pet-friendly options we are happy to help you explore. Stop into Messner Flooring Pittsford or Messner Flooring Greece to learn more. Or contact us at info@messnerflooring.com.

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