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Grand Reopening of Messner Flooring in Greece

Great news for the residents of Greece and the Greater Rochester area! Messner Flooring, a trusted name in quality flooring, has undergone a grand reopening in their Greece location. This refreshing transformation is not limited to the Greece store; it’s part of their larger commitment to excellence that spans across all their locations, including Pittsford and their commercial warehouse and offices downtown. Join us as we take a closer look at the exciting developments that have reinvigorated Messner Flooring’s presence in Greece.

A Legacy of Quality

Messner Flooring is no stranger to delivering top-notch flooring solutions. With roots tracing back to 1962 when Ben Messner started selling carpets from the back of his station wagon, the commitment to quality and community has been a guiding principle. Today, the business is in the capable hands of the Messner family, who continue to uphold these values.

The Grand Reopening in Greece

The Greece location’s grand reopening marks an exciting chapter in the Messner Flooring legacy. The store has received a significant refresh and renovation, breathing new life into its space. From floor to ceiling, customers can expect a fresh and inviting atmosphere. The renewed ambiance is designed to enhance the shopping experience, making it even more enjoyable and inspiring.

New Products and a Beautiful New Sign

But the transformation doesn’t stop at aesthetics. Messner Flooring has also introduced a range of new products to their Greece location, ensuring that customers have access to the latest trends and innovations in the world of flooring. Whether you’re looking for hardwood, laminate, vinyl, carpets, area rugs, or other flooring options, the Greece store is fully stocked to meet your needs.

The exterior of the Greece store is now adorned with a beautiful new sign, showcasing the Messner Flooring brand in all its elegance. This sign is not just a symbol of the store’s presence; it’s a testament to the quality and excellence that lies within.

Three Locations, One Commitment

Messner Flooring’s dedication to quality and community extends beyond Greece. The Pittsford location, much like its Greece counterpart, offers a wide selection of flooring options and a commitment to exceptional customer service. Additionally, their commercial warehouse and offices downtown play a vital role in ensuring they can continue to provide the best products and service to their valued customers.

The grand reopening of Messner Flooring in Greece is not just an event; it’s a reaffirmation of the values and commitment that have made Messner Flooring a trusted name in Rochester and its surrounding areas. With a refreshed store, new product offerings, and a beautiful new sign, Messner Flooring is ready to serve and inspire its customers once again. Whether you’re in Greece, Pittsford, or need commercial flooring solutions, Messner Flooring is the name you can rely on for quality and elegance. Come and explore the renewed Greece store and experience the excellence that defines Messner Flooring.

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