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Custom, One-of-a-kind Area Rugs

With more and more beautiful and practical options in hard flooring, we’ve seen fewer customers installing wall-to-wall carpeting, and more and more custom area rugs, stair runners, and accent rugs. 

Area rugs and stair runners have become increasingly popular as they help to protect hard flooring and add warmth, comfort, dimension and color to your home. Custom rugs usually end up being much cheaper than the pre-made alternative, and are available in virtually any size and shape you can imagine. They are unique, and easier to match to your home with the thousands of options we have available in store. 

Custom-designed antelope stair runner by local designer, @rachelclarkdesigns

At Messner Flooring, you can create a beautiful custom rug, and other custom carpeting pieces like hall or stair runners, often for a fraction of the price of pre-made ones. Our custom rugs can be made in any size and shape, accounting for unique flooring plans and layouts, and fitting your space the way you need. Choose from hundreds of options of carpeting, including a huge range of colors, textures, patterns and materials.

For these stairs we carpeted the treads only and painted the risers for a unique look!

Custom area rug made from Karastan carpeting. Design by Mollie Surratt from Karastan blog

Custom area rug and hard flooring by Messner Flooring

Why create a custom rug with Messner Flooring?

  • Save Money
    When you create a custom rug using carpet from Messner, you will most likely spend less money than you would buying one off the rack. We also have a ton of remnants available. Remnants are leftover pieces from carpeting jobs we’ve completed, and there’s often enough left to create large area rugs, runners, and other custom accent rugs needed for your home, allowing you to spend drastically less than you would otherwise!
  • Custom shapes and sizes
    Custom area rugs can be made into any shape and size. Messner Flooring offers custom-binding, custom sizes and shapes and a huge selection of options to create you a truly unique design in your home. Many customers have rooms that don’t fit a traditional sized rug. We’ve made custom shapes and sizes to fit unique architecture and furniture, and we’re happy to work with you on your room specifics. Whether you have a very small, or oddly shaped room you’re trying to work with, or an extra large room that needs a larger rug than traditionally available, we have you and your floors covered! With the hundreds of available samples, available in virtually any color or pattern you can think of, we can create you a unique custom rug to match your home decor and vision.
  • Matching Ability
    It’s so much easier to find the color and vibe you’re going for when you can browse various colors and styles to have your rug custom-made! Bring in your color swatches, fabrics, decorations or anything else you’d like to match and we’ll find you something that compliments it perfectly. You’re also welcome to take home samples and find what will work best in your home.
  • Unique Textures, Patterns and Designs
    Though pre-made area rugs come in many colors and styles, most of them are not solid colors with dimension. The beauty of creating your own carpet is the range of subtle patterns, textures, and solid-color options you can create. We carry many beautiful solid color options that feature geometric patterns or abstract designs that bring dimension and visual interest to your rug while keeping it simple and all one color palette.

Custom area rug with custom binding by Messner Flooring

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