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Rachel Clark Designs - Interior Designer in Rochester, NY

Rachel Clark: A Blend of Classic and Contemporary Design


Rochester, NY-based interior designer Rachel Clark is renowned for her ability to blend timeless aesthetics with modern elements in her projects. Utilizing products from Messner Flooring, Clark brings her unique vision to life, creating spaces that are both inviting and stylish. Her work at the Randall residence is a prime example of her expertise in action.

Design Philosophy

Rachel Clark’s approach to interior design is deeply rooted in her personal experiences and professional ethos. As a mother, wife, and seasoned designer with over 15 years of experience, she believes in creating spaces that reflect comfort and joy. Describing herself as a “modern traditionalist,” Clark combines classic designs with modern accents to achieve a sophisticated yet cozy atmosphere. Her preference for a collected look that mixes old and new elements allows her to create interiors that possess a refined sophistication and intriguing juxtaposition.
Rachel Clark Interior Designer Works with Messner Flooring

Project Overview: The Randall Residence

The recent project at the Randall residence showcases Rachel Clark’s dedication to creating spaces that feel both timeless and modern. Starting with the main floor, Clark and her team transformed the space by repainting every room, introducing grasscloth wallpaper, and adding new area rugs, stair runners and furniture. The design also featured custom millwork around the new fireplace and built-ins in the small library, carefully crafted to appear original to the home yet with a modern twist.

The homeowner’s preference for a modern, organic aesthetic influenced the project, ensuring the home felt welcoming and cozy from the moment one stepped inside. The culmination of this project was the complete remodel of the kitchen, which now features white cabinetry, a warm-toned wood island, quartz countertops, and new lighting throughout the kitchen and family room. This space was designed to be perfect for entertaining, embodying Clark’s philosophy of making a home a haven for comfort and joy.

Collaboration with Messner Flooring

Clark’s partnership with Messner Flooring has been instrumental in her design process. She values the wide selection and diversity of products that Messner offers, which enables her to tailor each project to the client’s specific desires and the home’s architectural style. This collaboration is evident in the quality and finish of the flooring choices made throughout the Randall residence, which complement the overall design theme and enhance the functionality and beauty of the spaces.

Learn More About Rachel Clark

To learn more about how Rachel Clark can help you with your interior design project, you can visit her website. You can also shop a huge variety of flooring options in our product catalog.

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